About Safa’ Al Jayoussi عن صفاء الجيوسي

International award winning advocate & a leading regional campaign advisor, currently the "Regional Campaign Manager" for Middle East & East Europe at Save the Children International in which she provides support to country offices in the development and implementation of their campaign and public engagement plans, and leads on the development and implementation of regional campaign and public engagement plans that will engage the public to influence government and other institutional policies and practices to achieve positive and lasting changes.

Previous to this role Safa' was the head of climate & energy campaign for IndyACT regionally, founder & executive director for IndyACT Jordan ; a leading Arab non-governmental organization working on climate change policy.

With more than 10 years experience in the civil society field Safa' created & implemented major campaigns in the region & founded many networks and coalitions that serve different causes . In her work she has engaged in the climate change negotiations since 2008 as an official climate change negotiations observer under the UNFCCC and become a reference for Arab World climate policy to a number of international networks and organizations. She played a major role in COP21 in Paris by heading IndyACT delegation through running an advocacy and media campaign to successfully have the Arab League sign the agreement.

Previous to her current role Safa' founded & leaded Greenpeace's Arab World Program as the "Regional Manager" and created Arab World Campaign pushing for renewable green solutions for 4 years. One of her most successful campaigns was “Our Jordan is Not Nuclear” were she mobilised more than 40K people against the nuclear power plant through Launching Jordan's first Energy Revolution Report , advocacy & offline actions and succeeded in getting the Parliamentary vote against it.

Adding to the above; Safa' spent two years in Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA), were she gave them a new direction and greater mission, she started "Don't Mess with Nature" a sponsorship & voluntary based community project that focuses on environmental outreach by involving the community with tourism sector in fighting environmental degradation and climate change.

Plus to her work in IndyACT Safa' is CAN international board Co-Chair & CAN Arab World Node founder. She got selected to Present the MENA region green movement in Climate Women Leaders "IVLP" fellowship program in USA during 2012 & she joined the Young Leaders Visitors Program "YLVP" in Sweden in 2015. Safa' recently got an international recognition by winning the Young Energy Professional of 2016 by AEE “Association of Energy Engineers” in Washington DC, the Award was giving to her becuase of the campaigns and enormous advocacy work in the region.

Safa' is a professional trainer were she gave training through international grassroots movement in campaigning, activism & advocacy. Furthermore she is a public speaker; presented her work and joined panel discussions in many international and subregional events in over 20 countries including addressing the UNGA in 2017 as a keynote speaker and several UN & governmental conferences.