About Safa’ Al Jayoussi عن صفاء الجيوسي

Safa' is an International Award-Winning Environmental Advocate, Campaigns Adviser, and Climate Change Expert with over 15 years of experience in the civil society field. She is a leading regional campaigns and advocacy advisor who has created and implemented major campaigns in the region and founded many networks and coalitions that serve different causes, including the "Climate Action Network Arab World."

Safa' has been engaged in climate change negotiations since 2008 as an official climate change negotiations observer under the UNFCCC. She has become a reference for Arab World climate policy to a number of international networks and organizations working to promote government and individual actions to limit climate change. Safa' played a major role in COP21 in Paris by heading an Arab civil society delegation and running an advocacy and media campaign to successfully have the Arab League sign the agreement.

Currently, Safa' is the Climate Justice Advisor for MENA at Oxfam International, where she is tasked to Developing and advancing a regional climate justice strategy & serving as a focal point for programme, advocacy & campaigns across MENA countries, the region and within the wider movement.


Before joining Oxfam, she she spent 5 years with Save the Children as the  "Advocacy, Campaigns & Communications Director" at Save the Children Jordan and is a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). In this role, she shares the overall responsibility for the direction and coordination of SC Jordan’s work and ensures alignment of advocacy with Save the Children’s strategy at the national, regional, and international levels. Prior to this role, she was the "Regional Campaigns & Advocacy Manager" for the Middle East & East Europe at Save the Children International, where she provided support to country offices in the development and implementation of their campaign and public engagement plans. She also led the development and implementation of regional campaigns and advocacy plans that engaged the public to influence government and other institutional policies and practices to achieve positive and lasting changes.

Safa' is a pioneering environmental advocate who co-founded and served as the Regional Manager of Greenpeace's Arab World Program. During her four-year tenure, she launched the Arab World Campaign, a bold initiative that pushed for renewable green solutions. Safa' has a track record in research, mobilization, and action, and she successfully mobilized over 40,000 individuals in a single campaign, demonstrating her exceptional ability to engage and inspire communities to take action towards a sustainable future.

Safa' is a professional trainer and has provided training through international grassroots movements in campaigning, mobilization, and advocacy. She is also a public speaker and has presented her work in many international and sub-regional events in over 20 countries, including addressing the UNGA in 2017 as a keynote speaker. Safa' has been selected to present the MENA region green movement in the Climate Women Leaders "IVLP" fellowship program in the USA during 2012 and joined the Young Leaders Visitors Program "YLVP" in Sweden in 2015. She recently won the Young Energy Professional of 2016 by AEE “Association of Energy Engineers” in Washington DC for her campaigns and enormous advocacy work in the region.